Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA
Fall Fun Run Fundraiser Results are in!  

Thank you Blackwell families for helping make the Fun Run Fundraiser a big success.  Over 80% of the school participated in the fund raising and we raised $38,601.19.  This was a fantastic result and is thanks to the generosity of the Blackwell community including friends and extended families. The students won prizes throughout the event, participated in the Fit Character initiative and learned about a fit lifestyle and a strong character for success. The money from the Fun Run will go back to the students and school via grants and PTSA programs. A few examples include

  • Student Academic Aid Fund (Scholastic Guided Readers, AM and AR)
  • Special grants for Curriculum Aids, library books, staff development and more
  • Assemblies, in school field trips
  • Art Start

If you want more information on this program and others you can learn more information <link to the below>.  This year we exceeded our fund raising goals and with this extra money the PTSA will present a proposal to spend this money to replace some of the aging playground equipment.  More information on the playground is <Here>

About the Fun Run
Our Fun Run will be conducted by the FundRunners company.  They provide character building messages during the week leading up to the fun run, starting off with an energetic kick-off assembly, as well as providing daily and overall incentives related to the fundraiser for classes and individuals.